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Mastar Fung’s POV

I called the young munks into the courtyard.

“Yung monks!” I called. Already Clay and Omi had assembled, but Raymundo and Kimiko had not. I called for them again. Eventually, the two appeared.

Kimiko’s POV

Oh my God! Oh my God! I have to kiss Rai!! What am I gonna do?

We exit the vault to see why master Fung’s calling. I hide my hands behind my back. I don’t want him to know what happened just yet.

Raimundo’s POV

We exit the vault into the courtyard. Kimiko’s hiding her hands. I feel really, really bad about all this…

“Ah, there you are,” Master Fung says. “Yung munks, I have big news. Tommorrow we will be joined by – Kimiko? Raymundo? Is something the matter?”

I flinched. “Uh…no. No. Nothing at all,” I said. Kimiko and I grinned bigly.

Master Fung’s POV

I raised an eyebrow.

Kimiko’s POV

Oh, crap! I think he’s onto us! And now Clay and Omi are looking at us weird too.

“So,” I said casually. “What was it you were saying?”

Master Fung paused and continued. “Yes, it seems we will be joined tommorrow by another student-”

Another student?! No way!

Omi’s POV

“Another student?! No way!” Kimiko exclaims.

No way is right, Kimiko. How can there be yet another chosen one?

“Master Fung,” I say. “How can this be? There are only four elements-”

“That is true, Omi,” Master Fung states. “But my fellow high monks in Calais say that this dragon should be brought here for study, training….and safekeeping.”

“Safekeeping?” Kimiko said, askingly. “What would we need to keep him safe from?”

“There are many things that you will need to protect her from.” Master Fung turns to look at Dojo. “Dojo, it is your duty to retrieve her as quickly and safely as possible.”

“Wait just a moment now,” said Clay. “We’re not going to go her?”

“No, clay. You have a temple to protect, and Wu to seek.”

Master Fung turned and walked off, his robes pillowing in the wind.

Raimundo’s POV

We stood in silence.

“Kay kids,” Dojo finally said. “I’m gonna go get her now.”

“Have fun,” I said.

“Yeah,” replied Dojo. “It’ll be real fun. Travel’s always bad this tiem of year.” Then he got big and went away.

“Sooo….Guess I’m watching the scroll tonight.


Kimiko and I are alone again. Score! I still feel really bad about dropping the ring on her, though. Like REALLY bad.

Kimiko’s POV

I really should kiss him. I mean, I want ot kiss him, right? Wait what? Isn’t Rai just my friend? Why do I feel this way?

“Rai, how do you feel about me?” I ask without thinking? I clap my hands over my mouth. The ring went over my mouth, too, and it glittered.

“WHAT?” He said, looking back at me from the scrill.

“Er-“ Nice going, Kimkio!

“Well, I…um…”

Raimundo’s POV

How do I feel about her? HOW DO I FEEL ABOUT HER?! I KNOW how I feel about her!!!

I’ve known it for a while now. It used to be that I saw her as just a friend, but after that one game of dodge ball when she socked me hard in the gut and she came up to me saying ‘Rai! Rai! Are you okay?’ I;ve known. I looked into her saphire blue eyes that day, and I fell hard. I guess I never really knew jus thow I felt about her before.

But WHY can’t I say just how I feel about her right now? I mean, I’ve always been rather good with the ladles (if I do say so myself), but this…this was something new.

I guess I never really loved anyone before.


Kimiko’s POV

Oh, no! I think I’ve made him uncomfortable! Oh, I’m such a fool.

Raimundo’s POV

Oh man! She’s getting discouraged! TO heck with this nervous thing!


She looks up at me, the beginnings of tears forming in her eyes.


Then I decide that I really don’t need words. I lean in to kiss and Kimiko does too….

Six inches away. Boy, she’s gorgeous up close! Four inches away. I close my eyes and I think Kimiko does too. Two inches away. I can feel the heat from her body already. And then-

“AH-HA!” Omi’s huge head pops out of the scroll. (A/N: God, sometimes I really hate him!) “I knew that you had done something bad! You used the Ring of Eternal Promise!!”

“Omi!” said Kimiko. “It’s not what it looks like!”

“Yeah we were just-“

“And that’s not all!” he continues, pulling out the rest of his body out of the scroll and opening it up. “We have a new Shen-Gong-Wu!!!1”
This is the wrost chappy of the stroy. but It's still got some good raikim parts 2 it, so that's good. ^^

next chappie is the beset one, i promise
sk8inpiro21 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
ikr.Omi comes in at the worst possible times!
SaveKenny Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2007
I really like this story and I think it has great potential, i just a few words of advice, you may want to spell check, i noticed a few spelling errors
pokeyman-cosby Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007   Writer
tahnks. for the next chappie i will use the spelkcheck.
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